Fortune 美国版 - 10月 2021

Fortune 美国版 - 10月 2021

Fortune 美国版 - 10月 2021年 PDF电子杂志百度云网盘在线下载

English | 182 pages | True PDF | 213.5 MB

《Fortune》财富杂志是一本由美国人亨利·鲁斯创办于1929年,主要刊登经济问题研究文章。现隶属时代华纳集团旗下的时代公司。《财富》杂志自1954年推出全球500强排行榜,历来都成为经济界关注的焦点,影响巨大。《财富》杂志举办了一系列引人注目的财经论坛,如著名的《财富》全球论坛,即世界500强年会便是其中之一。《财富》全球论坛开始于1995年,其中1999,2001,2005年的年会分别在中国上海,香港和北京举办。管理智慧和实务、优秀公司的成功管理策略、技术发展动向、信息技术在工商企业中的应用,以及有关行业、国家、地区市场发展趋势的报道,封面故事常成为商界的热门话题外,年度商人评选和专题性的读者调查报告亦备受企业关注。杂志每年发表的上市公司排行榜,更是优质企业指标。FORTUNE covers the entire field of business, including specific companies and business trends, tech innovation prominent business leaders, and new ideas shaping the global marketplace. FORTUNE is particularly well known for its exceptionally reliable annual rankings of companies. FORTUNE furthers understanding of the economy, provides implementable business strategy, and gives you the practical knowledge you need to maximize your own success. Subscriber’s Automatic Renewal Program: You authorize Zinio to charge your credit/debit card, or paypal account, at the price above now and in time to renew your monthly subscription, without interruption, before the start of each new term at the rate then in effect unless you tell us to stop. You may cancel at any time during your subscription by contacting customer service. If your credit/debit card or paypal account cannot be charged, we’ll bill you directly instead.


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