Wired 英国版 - 7月 2021

Wired 英国版 - 7月 2021

Wired 英国版 - 7月 2021 PDF电子杂志百度云网盘在线下载

English | 142 pages | True PDF | 69.5 MB

《连线》(Wired)是一本从人的角度探讨技术的杂志,关注技术对政治、文化、社会和伦理道德带来的冲击,被誉为极客的圣经,隶属于国际著名杂志出版商康泰纳什集团旗下。其文章主题涵盖了几乎所有方面的技术,例如美国政府诉微软垄断、知识产权、数位时代的思考等。The Wired mission is to tell the world something they’ve never heard before in a way they’ve never seen before. Its about turning new ideas into everyday reality. Its about seeding our community of influencers with the ideas that will shape and transform our collective future. Wired readers want to know how technology is changing the world, and they’re interested in big, relevant ideas, even if those ideas challenge their assumptions—or blow their minds.


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